Montessori Schools For Special Children

montessori sensitive periods

These days, Montessori schools can be found around the country. With isolated exceptions of course, no matter which county, which city, or which state you and your family reside in, there is quite possibly a Montessori school within reasonable driving distance. If you are really lucky, there may not even be any need for Mom’s taxi because the local school will be sending its familiar yellow bus around to pick up your kids in the morning.

But if you’re the luckiest mom in the neighborhood, you’ll be able to walk your kids to school. Now, every mom and dad, sure enough, if they’re decent enough, will regard their young kids as special. That goes without saying. And yet, there are those really ‘special’ kids who simply do not fit in with the normal school system, whether they’re being dropped off at a public or private school. For these special kids, the customary montessori sensitive periods form a necessary part of this school system’s unique and unconventional school teaching curriculum.

There is no indoctrination here. And although there could be some special kids with behavioral issues – the proverbial problem child – there will be no disciplining the kids at this school either. It is the Montessori school ideal to allow these special kids to be free and to develop as they see fit. Whatever is going to be comfortable for them. Communal and sociological circumstances that are going to allow the gifted child to feel comfortable and confident within his or her environment.

But all within reason, of course. The teachers practicing the Montessori way are gifted too. They are also accredited, and the Department of Education does recognize this system which is in universal use across the world. The wonder then that the status quo does not conform to this successful system.