On Writing Personal Story On Life

Ah! Try and picture a day in the life of the professional online writer. He has to work quite hard to earn his bread and butter. Part of the professionalism and discipline comes from being able to write about mostly commercial subjects or topics that he has no clue or interest about. But surely it is the case with most professional or workmanlike trades. There should always be a silver lining somewhere along the line.

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Call it then the icing on the cake. Or a bit of fresh, rosy cherry picking on a fine spring morning out in the country. How is that for a brief demonstration of good creative writing. It is indeed the metaphor for a craft he dearly loves. Writing as such is always close to his heart. And that bread and butter gem that only seems to come around once in a blue moon is the very subject of writing. It takes all kinds to make a good world.

Or a bad one. There are a number of genres that fill the gaps. There is academic or scholarly writing. People in general always seem to think that they cannot write for toffee apples. And yet they can. Most of them are writing every day of their lives. It may not be perfect (yet) but it can be honed into shape. People are doing it every day of their lives. They are on social media not so. And wouldn’t you love to be talking about yourself?

Why not put it in literary form by starting out on a rewarding journey in your first memoir writing class san francisco ca way. So many different kinds of creative men and women in the Bay area too, so plenty of inspiration and musing along the way too.